Mental Jujitsu

How Learning Jujitsu IS Personal Development Training 

Historically, there are many forms of personal development training, but none as longstanding and proven as the martial arts. While they were created and developed to deal with real combat situations, most martial arts training is about developing a warrior’s mindset. In other words, it’s mostly mental training; the physical training is a by-product. 
One of the most well known of the combat arts, Jujitsu, has built a reputation as being one of the most devastating martial arts to ever exist despite its seemingly out of place principle of ju (suppleness, flexibility, yielding, gentleness or softness). How in the world can gentle, yielding or soft be associated to one of history’s most deadly forms of martial arts? 
Being soft and gentle doesn’t reflect the physicalness involved with martial arts training; it reflects the mental qualities of a warrior’s beingness. Ju is a quality of mind that allows for evolution. 
A warrior’s objective is to embody the principle of ju for the purpose of battle. As a warrior, exemplifying ju means that you are flexible in your thinking and capable of quickly changing and adapting to whatever battle conditions get thrown at you as a matter of real life and death. 
As a student of personal development, you are simply working to create the best possible outcome for the purpose of improving the quality of your life and maximizing your potential under non-combat circumstances. 
Obviously today, not all of your so-called “battle” conditions (obstacles) are life threatening, so your ability to bend and flex is simply a matter of life optimization (aka: personal development). You are simply working to create the most effective life possible. 

The principle at work here is one of generalization. When you create expertise in one area, when you break through mental barriers in one area, when you open your awareness is one area, the change rapidly propogates into new areas – often unexpected ones.
In theory, life is supposed to be magical and obstacle-free; however, the reality is, there will always be challenges that you will have to face. For this reason, you train yourself to become as flexible (ju) as possible in order to adapt and evolve. 
Development is not only a physical process, but a mental process as well. In order to develop your mind you must become supple and pliable in your ways of thinking, which is a deeper reflection of how you change and adapt your belief systems for your own benefit. 
There is no better example of ju than the ability to adapt a new belief system and then refocus your attention and energy into a new creation (goal). Since beliefs create reality, changing your belief system will completely transforms your life by creating new experiences. Beliefs are nothing more than thoughts. While we cling to some beliefs out of habit, they are only thoughts and thoughts can change in the blink of an eye – the habits often take longer.
Life is, metaphorically, your battlefield. In order for you to get through it to the goals you desire, you have to become a mental warrior. As such, you will implement the principle of ju more effectively, creating the life you want, which, after all, is the real purpose of personal development. 
If you really want to cultivate your ability to change and adapt, then consider getting into a well-rounded personal development program that is structured around martial arts principles. If you find such a program, remember to ask about adaptation training. After all, adapting is this very principle that has allowed martial arts like Jujitsu to flourish for thousands of years.